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First Person Shoveler!

First Person Shoveler!

Can you dig up all the treasure before the time runs out? Created for the Godot Wild Jam #45.

Cover image for Fish Game

Fish Game

2-4 player online game starring murderous fish - the last fish standing wins!

Title screen of Monster Revolution

Monster Revolution

A 2D action dungeon crawler, with a unique twist: you can acquire followers who take your indirect commands.

Screenshot of 3 players in Battle Tanks

Retro Tank Party

Battle your friends online in a Retro Tank Party! It's a wild 2-4 player, top-down tank shooter to keep you trash talking your buddies into the wee hours of the night.

Screenshot from Snopek Adventure

Snopek Adventure

A short adventure game starring my daughters, Sasza & Ewa.

Cover image from Portal Bug

Portal Bug

A ladybug fighting his way through interdimensional portals!

Screenshot from Interstella Smuggler prototype

Interstellar Smuggler VR

A virtual reality (VR) simulation game where you play as a scrappy interstellar smuggler, who keeps their ship running with spare parts and duct tape.

Screenshot from the Santa's Very Careful Helper

Santa's Very Careful Helper

Play as a sled that's delivering presents very "carefully" to people's front doors. Kinda like Paperboy, but, you know, for Christmas!

Screenshot from my stream building the game

Paddle Ball

A network multiplayer Pong-like game, created as a multiplayer example in Godot game engine.