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WebXR in Godot... almost! I need your help :-)

Submitted by David Snopek on Monday, 2020-09-28 @ 11:09am

I've started adding WebXR support to the Godot game engine, and it's almost working! However, I've gotten stuck on one bit at the end, and I'm hoping that other folks who know OpenGL and Godot's internals can help me get passed it.

In this video, I also demo what's working so far, talk about why I'm trying to implement WebXR, and explain some of the challenging parts of the implementation that are actually working.

Here is my work-in-progress PR to Godot:

If you know OpenGL and/or the Godot internals - please take a look and lend a hand! Thanks in advance :-)


Adding support for WebXR to the Godot game engine.

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