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My WebXR presentation at Godotcon 2021

Submitted by David Snopek on Friday, 2021-01-29 @ 12:24pm

This past Saturday, I presented (virtually) about WebXR at Godotcon 2021.

To allow more folks from diverse timezones to present, and to eliminate the possibility of technical issues, the presentations were all pre-recorded and then streamed. On the official Godot chat, there were individual rooms for each of the presentations, so that the folks watching could discuss, and (if the presenter was available) ask questions.

My presentation was at 9am UTC, which is 3am in my timezone. Eep! However, I was so excited to be able to participate, I woke up at 2:30am so that I could be in the chat in real-time when my presentation was streamed. :-)

It was a really great event! My presentation seemed well-received, and the rest of the presentations (which I watched after having a long nap!) were also really awesome. I particularly liked the presentation right after mine about a family that does monthly game jams together - I'd love to do something similar with my kids.

Here's the video (my presentation starts at 15:00):

It's basically a summary of the all the progress report videos I made while working on adding WebXR support to Godot, plus a little bit of plans for the future at the end.

You can see my slides on Google Docs.

Hope you like it!

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