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Game Dev Stream #72 - WebXR & XR Tools

Submitted by David Snopek on Friday, 2022-12-09 @ 12:00pm

Come hang out while I do some game development on a live stream!

Last week, we were using XR Tools with OpenXR with the goal of prototyping some game ideas in VR. We never really got around to the prototyping, because XR Tools had some issues. Well, those are all fixed now!

This time let's see if we can get XR Tools working with WebXR!



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Submitted by Malcolm on Thursday, 2022-12-29 @ 1:35pm Permalink

Any chance you could update your instructions for running the WebXR web server locally for Godot 4. It seems like Godot 4 has some new cross-origin requirements, and it seems like you've switched to nginx. I tried and failed - all I get is a spinny on the web page.

Submitted by David Snopek on Monday, 2023-01-02 @ 10:01am Permalink

So, personally, I do use nginx - I have a little Docker-based script that I run.

However, you can actually use the webserver built into the Godot editor! Go into the Export -> Web section of the Editor Settings and enable "Use TLS". Then click the HTML5 logo that appears in the top-left, and it'll start the webserver and open the exported project up in your web browser. This should just work if you have your headset connected to your computer and are using a browser that supports WebXR, or if you're using the WebXR emulator.

If you want to test on the Quest, you'll need to change the "HTTP Host" of the webserver (in the same place as "Use TLS" in Editor Settings) to match your IP on your LAN, and then you can open up the same URL (but using your desktop's IP on the LAN) in the Meta Browser on the headset.

I'll make sure this ends up in the Godot 4 version of the tutorial when I write it!

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