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Launching Retro Tank Party on Steam in only 6 weeks!

Submitted by David Snopek on Wednesday, 2021-03-03 @ 1:31pm

To celebrate my upcoming birthday, I've decided to start a crazy project! I'm going to take a game jam game I made back in 2019 (Retro Tank Party), fix it up, and release it as a commercial game on Steam in only 6 weeks.

And, I'll be recording devlogs, writing tutorials, and (possibly) streaming development along the way.

While I don't expect it to actually sell very many copies, I'm hoping to learn about Steam's platform, experiment with Godot and Steam integration, as well as pushing builds to Steam via GitLab CI, and other interesting things that I can share with you.

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Battle your friends online in a Retro Tank Party! It's a wild 2-4 player, top-down tank shooter to keep you trash talking your buddies into the wee hours of the night.

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