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Nakama Godot Client 3.1.0 is released!

Submitted by David Snopek on Wednesday, 2022-05-04 @ 9:47am

Starting in February, the wonderful folks at Heroic Labs added me as a sponsored maintainer of the Godot client for Nakama.

Since then, I've helped to coordinate two releases:

  • 3.0.0, which was released in March, and ...
  • 3.1.0, which just landed on the Godot Asset Library.

I had intended to say something when 3.0.0 was released, but I was pretty busy (and sick) in April, and didn't manage to squeeze it in. So, this blog post is going to cover 3.0.0 as well.

Read more for the details!

Version 3.0.0

The last release before 3.0.0 was version 2.1.0 from August of 2020!

In the meantime, many feature additions and bug fixes from Fabio Alessandrelli and the Open Source community were committed to the 'master' branch, including improved compatibility with Nakama 3.x and its new features, as well as fixing a few show-stopping issues. A new release was quite overdue!

For my part, I tested that 'master' was working well, and reviewed the open issues and PR's, making sure anything critical was fixed or merged. Once everything in 'master' was looking good, I coordinated the release with Heroic Labs, which went out on March 28th.

See the full release notes for all the details!

Version 3.1.0

Coming only a month after the previous release, on April 29th, version 3.1.0 is a more modest release:

  • Fixes two bugs related to Nakama's "Real-time Parties" feature
  • Adds support for a couple new features in recent releases of Nakama, the most interesting of which is creating matches by name, so players don't need to use the (very long) match UUID to join a specific match.
  • Includes some C# support classes to better integrate the .NET client for Nakama with the Mono version of Godot, allowing HTML5 exports to work.

See the full release notes for all the details.

The future!

Together with the Heroic Labs team, we've come up with a few goals, some short-term and others more of "stretch" goals.

The next big thing I've been working on (with the help of the Open Source community) is porting the Nakama cilent to Godot 4, so that it'll be ready as soon as the stable Godot 4.0 is released! If you're interested, you can follow along on this issue and PR. It's already working to a limited degree with Godot 4.0-alpha7!

I'm excited to see the future of Nakama with Godot, and I'll let you know when there's more interesting things to announce. :-)




The official Godot client for the Nakama game server written in GDScript

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