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Git and Godot logos

Godot and Git (part 2): Getting Started with Git

We install Git for Windows, create a repository for a Godot game project, and make some commits.

Video Tutorial
Saturday, 2020-06-13 @ 10:21pm Read more
Git and Godot logos

Godot and Git (part 1): Why use Git (or any version control)?

We talk at a high level about what a version control system (VCS) is, and why you'd want to use one with your Godot game project.

Video Tutorial
Saturday, 2020-06-06 @ 6:02pm Read more
Screenshot from Interstella Smuggler prototype

Introducing "Interstellar Smuggler VR" - Devlog #1

The initial design and prototype of an immersive simulation VR game.

Friday, 2020-04-03 @ 10:35am Read more
Nakama and Godot logos

Nakama client library for Godot (in GDScript)

I created a client library for interacting with the Nakama game server, for use with Godot in GDScript.

Blog post
Wednesday, 2019-10-30 @ 11:38am Read more
Title screen of Retro Tank Party with the WebRTC logo on it

Switched to WebRTC for networking (and changed name to "Retro Tank Party")

The story behind the rename, plus the how and why of switching the networking to use WebRTC.

Wednesday, 2019-10-23 @ 1:26pm Read more
Screenshot from a playtesting session

Lots of playtesting and minor improvements for "Battle Tanks"!

A diary from several days of playtesting "Battle Tanks" and the results.

Thursday, 2019-10-03 @ 12:01pm Read more
Screenshot of 3 players in Battle Tanks

Creating "Battle Tanks" for the MDW gamejam 2019-09

I streamed most of my time creating "Battle Tanks" for a gamejam and discuss my experience.

Tuesday, 2019-09-24 @ 9:31pm Read more


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